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Customer Support Services

Customer Support Services

Melillo Consulting is one of HPE’s largest and highly rated Authorized Services Management Partners (ASMPs)

Since the inception of HPE’s ASMPs program, Melillo Consulting has been a charter member and leader in delivering high quality software support services to our growing client list. Customers choose to renew their contracts with us and transition from other providers based upon a few fundamental business reasons:

- Our extensive knowledge base of both the HPE products and how they are implemented and used by each of our clients. Melillo takes the time during the on-boarding process to visit your staff with the objective of developing a product map using our proprietary methodology. This mapping exercise provides a reference model used by our support engineers provides answers to questions and tickets more quickly and effectively. This is a result of developing a more detailed knowledge base of the tools utilized, release levels currently in use and even the third party software integrated in your environment. This innovative and value added approach has led to higher customer satisfaction and effective problem resolution. And it costs you nothing! It is simply part of our service and does not require any premium service options. In addition, we provide quarterly reviews with you, the client, in order to discuss all open and closed tickets incurred over the past quarter. In this way we can survey our performance, uncover any needs and concerns that may or may not have surfaced, and develop an action plan to resolve the issue and close out the ticket. Again, all part of our standard service and unparalleled customer intimacy.


- Melillo has the capability to support the full breath of the HPE Software Product line. We do not limit support offerings exclusively to licenses we have sold you directly or to certain areas of the software portfolio you are using. Our approach is to support all HPE Software products regardless of the original source of purchase or subject matter expertise required. We have the resources and supporting infrastructure to get you the correct answer in as timely a manner as possible. This holds true whether the issue is in the Test environment (ALM/Loadrunner/QC/PC), Operations (BSM/BSA), or PPM. To our knowledge there is NO other HPE partner that provides the breadth of service and product knowledge.

- We provide you with the most knowledgeable support representative. This is a result of the time we take analyzing your environment through product mapping, quarterly reviews and day to day interaction. You will not experience the unpleasant process of being passed from team to team and having to explain over and over the nature of the problem and the circumstances behind it. We take that information and become your advocate on escalated tickets that require HPE expertise. A thorough understanding of the HPE support escalation process facilitates optimal results. If the same information needs to be imparted to a new technical team of experts at HPE, we handle it for you. If something new is to be tried back in your environment in order to fix an issue, we work with you and HPE to insure it is well understood, implemented correctly, and examine, analyze and monitor the results to your satisfaction before an escalated ticket and issue is closed.


- Melillo is an HPE Platinum Software Partner, the highest attainable level HPE offers. We have been a partner to HPE at this level for over 20 years. In addition to our support services, the level two engineers who back up our front line engineers as subject matter experts, have on average 10+ years of experience implementing, integrating, upgrading and consulting on the very products you call us to support. We utilize their expertise whenever needed to resolve your support issue. Melillo also can make recommendations and implement solutions through our consultants should you require that assistance.

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Customer Support Services


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The Melillo Difference

With Melillo Consulting, you get the personalized service and value add that goes beyond standard HPE Software Support. Key benefits we provide to our customers include:

  • On-boarding: Using our proprietary methodology, we setup an initial visit with your staff to understand what products you use with the objective of developing a product map so we can get to answers more efficiently.
  • Personalized Services: You call, we know you. We know what products you have and how you implement and use them in your IT environment.
  • Expertise: We support the entire HPE Software portfolio. We have the resources and supporting infrastructure to get you the correct answer in as timely a manner as possible.
  • Single Support Representative: We take over the liaison work with HPE to become your advocate for escalated tickets that require HPE expertise. We work with you and HPE to ensure that your issue is understood and implemented correctly, monitoring the results to your satisfaction.
  • Highest HPE Software Partner Level: As an HPE Platinum Software Partner for over 20 years, we have experienced level two engineers to back up our front line engineers as subject matter experts. We utilize their expertise whenever needed to resolve your support issue.


Our Software Support Center provides:


Guaranteed response times


A single point of contact


HPE Software Experts who understand your IT Environment


24/7 online reporting and case tracking


A single source for HPE Software support, updates, renewals & services

Call "One phone call puts you in touch with a single point of contact who will help you resolve your issue"

Includes support for the following:

  • Application Security Center HPE
  • Business Service Management
  • Business Service Automation
  • Client Automation Center
  • Data Center Automation Center
  • IT Business Analytics (formerly Executive Scorecard)
  • Network Management Center, included Network Node Manager and Network Automation
  • System Management Center
  • Performance Center
  • Project & Portfolio Management Center
  • Quality Center
  • QuickTest Professional
  • Operations Manager
  • OMi Ops Bridge
  • Service Health Products
  • Melillo Platinum Support

Contact our Software Support Center

Phone: 1-800-TEAM-MJM
Email: [email protected]


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